Download Happy Houred for the iPhone

I don’t know how I ever survived without my iPhone. It helps me manage my e-mail, contacts and calendar. But also gives me directions, plays my music (and my NPR podcasts), and keeps me entertained on the subway. It is my one essential piece of technology.

Today my favorite piece of technology is now married to my favorite activity (drinking, naturally), with the release of Happy Houred (available from iTunes or

Happy Houred lets you choose your location, the type of bar you’re looking for, etc. and it returns a list of the best deals in your area. Say it’s 4:00 – you’re in Brooklyn, and looking for a beer. Happy Houred shows you the way. 8pm and looking for a cocktail on the Upper East Side? Happy Houred has you covered.

Happy Houred is easily my new favorite iPhone application. And the best news? It’s free.

Go download it.


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