Heading to San Francisco

In yet another attempt at increasing the frequency with which I post, I’m trying to lower the gate a bit for posting, not requiring myself to have an entire recipe or review, but allowing myself to just post thoughts or random missives (which I generally restrict to Twitter). I’m hoping it keeps things here a bit more consistent, and makes it easier for me to write a bit more frequently.

In any case, as I write this, I’m on a plane to San Francisco. This will be my first trip to that particular city (a fact which I can hardly believe is true). It’s been at the very top of my “Places to go” list for a long time, especially given its role as the west coast headquarters of cocktail culture (not to mention the incredible food, wine, etc.)

So I’ve already got a list started, and my time in San Francisco this particular trip is fairly limited, but I’m opening the doors to your suggestions: What’s the one place – just one – I absolutely shouldn’t miss while in town. Leave your comments here, or ping me on Twitter.


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