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Is drinking really an art? Isn’t that a bit pretentious? Can’t you just pour a beer or a glass of wine and be done with it? If you want to get fancy, maybe throw together some vodka and tonic water, and toss a lime in there to impress your guests?

If that’s what you like, by all means, don’t let me stop you. After all, what reason is there to drink if not for your own enjoyment? But you may not realize just how much you’re missing.

There are drinks, and then there are cocktails. A cocktail can absolutely be a piece of art. It can harness creativity and inspiration in the same way a chef wields her skill to produce the ideal balance of flavors, scents and textures in the perfect meal. A cocktail can awaken the senses and rattle the tastebuds. And of course, just like the culinary arts, there’s a bit of science involved, too. So much so, that there’s even a fancy name for it – mixology.

My aim with Spirited Cocktails is to introduce you to the craft of the cocktail in a completely accessible way. We’ll visit with some of the finest mixologists at some of the most noted cocktail bars in the world (starting in my home – New York City). We’ll also walk through how to mix the perfect cocktails, step-by-step, answering your questions and requests along the way.

So let’s get started!


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