Want to Make Your Own Whiskey? Tuthilltown Spirits Will Let You.

Tuthilltown Spirits – makers of one of my absolute favorite spirits, Hudson Baby Bourbon – is inviting people to an immersion experience in the craft of distilling whiskey.

You can find details about the event via their Facebook page (Facebook login required). Here’s the basic rundown though:

Tuthilltown Spirits offers you the chance to make your own whiskey right at the distillery. A small group of whiskey aficionados will join the distillery team at Tuthilltown on two successive weekends, roll up their sleeves and make whiskey.

This program includes all you need to put up a three gallon barrel of whiskey in new charred American oak. We’ll start with deciding the grain bill for the whiskey batch. Combining technical instruction and practical experience you’ll grind, mash and pitch the batch during the first weekend, followed by a second weekend of stripping, rectifying and barreling the whiskey. Four months later we’ll reconvene to proof, filter and bottle the whiskey. Each participant completes the program with thirty 375ml bottles of whiskey and their barrel and the experience of a whiskey lover’s lifetime.

Includes all first class accommodations (6 nights over course of program), meals (including dinner and spirits tastings each weekend) and materials, tools, instruction, oak barrels, bottling.

Of course, they don’t go into details on cost (one can presume this would be pretty expensive), but I bet it’d be a helluva good time! If anyone decides to go, let me know. (And take me with you!)

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