Strawberry Daiquiri

The daiquiri is one of the simplest of all cocktails, and also one of the most misunderstood. All too often, people confuse the daiquiri for that mix of sugar, cheap booze, and food coloring that comes out of a Slushy machine in Vegas. In truth, not only is the real thing easier to make at home, but it’s much tastier too!

Ingredients for a Strawberry DaiquiriThe basic daiquiri follows the formula for a traditional sour:

2oz base spirit
3/4oz sweet
3/4oz sour

In the case of the daiquiri, the spirit is Rum, the sweet is simple syrup, and the sour is fresh lime juice. Simply combine those three ingredients in the 2/.75/.75 proportion (with ice!), shake vigorously and strain, and you’ve got yourself a very fine cocktail. But it wouldn’t be much fun if we stopped there!

I’ve been on a summer cocktail kick lately, and the strawberries are finally starting to look good again. To make a fresh strawberry daiquiri, simply add strawberries to the recipe above!

2oz rum (I prefer a dark rum like Santa Teresa or Barbancourt, but be sure to sample a variety of brands)
3/4oz simple syrup
3/4oz fresh lime juice
1 large (or 2 small) hulled strawberries

Strawberry DaiquiriAdd the strawberries and simple syrup to your shaker and muddle the strawberries well. Then add the lime juice and rum, and top off your shaker with ice. Give it a good shake, and strain into a daiquiri glass (which essentially looks like a rounded-off martini glass; no worries if you don’t have them – any cocktail glass will do!) Garnish with a small, fresh strawberry (hull still in-tact), sliced vertically from the bottom up towards the hull.

Prefer your daiquiri to be of the frozen variety (a bit more akin to the kind you see in Vegas but maybe… good?) Simply add the ingredients to your blender along with crushed ice and give it a few good spins!


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  1. Terry Says:

    I could use one of these right about now. There are strawberries in the fridge. Time for a raid…

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