Further thoughts on the Gin Sling

I stopped by Eleven Madison Park (check out their cocktail menu) the other night for a pre-dinner drink with friends, and had a great conversation with one of the bartenders there. I had ordered a gin sling, which seemed to get his attention, as it’s not a drink you hear ordered that often, I suppose.

He reminded me that the Gin Sling I wrote about a few days ago is an updated take on the traditional. As I mentioned, Dale DeGroff created this modern recipe to reflect today’s tastes, but in doing so, made it more of a cocktail than a traditional sling. The Savoy Cocktail Book, one of the holy texts of mixology (circa 1930), lists the Gin Sling as simply gin and sugar (2oz of gin and a teaspoon of sugar dissolved in water to be precise), stirred with ice and garnished with a lemon twist. That’s exactly what the bartender at Eleven Madison Park prepared for me, and while it was certainly different than Dale DeGroff’s Gin Sling, it was terrific just the same.

One thing to note in particular is that if you’re mixing a traditional Gin Sling as described above), the brand of gin you use becomes that much more important. Of course, the brand is always important, but in this cocktail, the primary thing you’ll taste will be the gin, so choose a gin that appeals to your tastes. I chose Plymouth gin, which has very prominent botanical notes, and I was very glad  I did.

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