Mint Juleps in a Bottle from Makers Mark

Makers Mark Mint JulepI had the opportunity yesterday to sample Maker’s Mark (premade) Mint Julep at Astor Wines & Spirits (@astorwines). I must admit, I didn’t expect much. If nothing else, the making of a Mint Julep is a time-honored tradition, and the idea of purchasing a Mint Julep in a bottle wasn’t particularly appealing to me. I must admit though, after tasting it, I was pleasantly surprised!

It was definitely on the sweeter side as mint juleps go, but if you’re having a Derby party this year and the idea of hand-crafting mint juleps by the dozen just doesn’t appeal, I think this would be a fine substitution (and if you make a good show of it, most people will never know!)

The only catch is that this bottled mint julep is fairly hard to find. Astor Wines & Spirits here in New York was carrying a small inventory, but the Makers Mark representative there told me that distribution was still pretty limited. It’s worth a shot though!

If you’re interested in making your own Mint Juleps by hand (certainly the path I would recommend, especially if you can’t find this special-edition Makers Mark), check out Dale DeGroff, the king of cocktails himself, making Mint Juleps trackside over at the Lush Life site.


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  1. Man & Maker's Says:

    Hey. Sometimes it’s better to just forget all those other ingredients and just have the Maker’s on the rocks. You should come take the free tour of the distillery. It’s terrific! Maker’s Mark Distillery is located just outside historic downtown Lebanon, the geographic center of the state and true Heart of Kentucky. Come feel the beat! Learn more about Maker’s Mark and get easy, detailed directions to the distillery at

  2. Ron Says:

    I was pretty skeptical about “mint juleps in a bottle” and I’m not even a big Makers Mark fan but I have to agree that this was an exceptional find. I’ve tasted a couple better juleps but I’ve also tasted dozens worse. I think this will make a very acceptable substitute at the next K-derby party with a lot less labor for the crowd.

  3. Jen Says:

    This was a great hit! Too bad we have to drive to Kentucky or Southern Indiana to purchase it.


    I would like, say, 2 bottles. Where can I find them before Derby Day?


    Last Derby Day I had your product for the first time. Only about 33% ALCOHOL, BUT it sips perfectly. I’d like, say, 2 bottles. Where can I find them before Derby Day?

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