LeNell Leaving NYC – Heading South of the Border

We’re sorry to report that it looks like LeNell – of LeNell’s Wine & Spirits Boutique in Brooklyn – is packing her bags and leaving NYC for good. In an unguarded moment at a tasting of American Whiskey last night at Louis 649, LeNell Smothers admitted to the gathered aficionados that she had given up on finding a new space for her famous store and was taking the show to Mexico.

Rumors have swirled since LeNell lost her lease and had to close up shop earlier this year. Talk was that she was heading to London or Amsterdam, but LeNell had flatly denied those rumors, insisting that she was still on the lookout for a new space in New York City.

This time though, it looks certain that the cocktail geeks of NYC are loosing one of their havens for good. LeNell plans to kick back and open a cocktail-oriented retreat in Mexico. We think we have our next vacation planned.

Of course, we have video:

Editor’s Update – 7/22/2009 9pm: At the request of Ms. Smothers, we’ve removed the video from our site. She didn’t wish to deny the story, and a number of sources have already verified its authenticity; she simply maintains a personal preference about video of her appearing on the web. Since we respect her and understand that she was unaware she was being recorded, we’ve chosen to comply with her request. We will, however, maintain a copy of the video should anyone request a copy to confirm what we’ve reported.

Editor’s Update – 7/22/2009 10pm: Additional note of clarification – we did not record the video of Ms. Smothers. It was provided to us anonymously by someone who was in attendance at the Louis 649 event. Upon receiving Ms. Smothers’ request and learning that she was recorded without consent, we agreed to remove it.]

While we’ll miss LeNell, and her wonderful store full of whiskey and bitters, we wish her well on her new adventure!

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