The Casillero del Diablo Murder Mystery

Big news today! I’m sure that many of you have heard about the murder that took place at Casillero del Diablo recently.  Well, I had the confidential notes written by the lead detective fall into my possession!  I won’t disclose my source, but I’ve been reading these notes, and judging by the little that I’ve skimmed so far, I think that this guy has the case figured out.

He has interviewed the wife of the victim, who disappeared mysteriously, and only recently reappeared.  Apparently, her story doesn’t fit. The detective also thinks that Christina killed the housekeeper because she found the devil mask, which she wore when she killed her husband! According to the notes, he is a few days away from arresting her for the murder.

On a side note, this guy also writes a lot about dragons, werewolves, and dreams that he has.  Quite a character.  My Spanish isn’t what it used to be, but maybe I’ll post some of the actual writing as I translate it.

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