Today is Repeal Day

Today we celebrate the 76th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition (by way of the ratification of the 21st Amendment to the Constitution on December 5, 1933) here in the United States. Prohibition – for those of you blissfully unaware – was the nearly 15 year period in the early 20th century when the consumption of “intoxicating liquors” (our favorite kind of liquor) was outlawed.

Ironically, as is often the case when a society tries to legislate individual behavior, the population’s thirst for alcohol only increased, yet the few safeguards that had existed to protect consumers were no longer in place (after all, alcohol was illegal!) This gave rise to bathtub gin, moonshine stills, and organized crime efforts to import whisky from other countries such as Canada. People were blinded by poorly distilled spirits, and many were even hurt or killed as a result of the illegal activities. Plus, you couldn’t get a decent Old Fashioned to save your life!

Thankfully, this dark period didn’t last too long. Prohibition was ended at the close of 1933, and citizens of the United States could take comfort in the fact that their right to get bombed out of their mind was now enshrined in the Constitution.

So be sure to take this opportunity to celebrate your rights, and go out and have a drink with those you love.

More information can be found a; a site created by our friend, Jeffrey Morgenthaler.


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