Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala Sold Out!

My good friend NY Barfly put it best: “Lushes – we are so proud of you.”

Tickets to Manhattan Cocktail Classic events are selling like hotcakes, as evidenced by the number of “Sold Out” tags on their tickets page. Even the huge Opening Night Gala event at the New York Public Library is sold out. Not to worry, though. There’s still lots of drinking to be done.

Among many other events, tickets are still available for the DonQ Rum 80′s Bash, Behind the Bar at Weather Up TriBeCa, The Sunset Cocktail Cruise, and one session in particular that I can’t recommend enthusiastically enough: Spirits in a Blind, or How Spirits Professionals Describe Spirits with Something other than “I like it.” This session is taught by Doug Frost and Steve Olson of the BAR (Beverage Alcohol Resource program). They will teach you more than you ever thought you could know about tasting booze. Do it.

Here’s my schedule so far. I plan on adding to it :-)


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