Wild Times

I’ve had a crazy year. Some may even call that an understatement. It’s been a year packed with radical change, both personal and professional, which has often kept me from my duly appointed drinking rounds. Though let’s be honest: I’ve still managed to sneak in a few cocktails here and there.

I certainly can’t complain. I’m as happy as I’ve ever been, with the small exception of the sadness that comes from the reduced frequency at which I see my friends in the cocktail world. But life is good. And those friendships – for which I am truly grateful – are steadfast, and shall perservere.

So while I haven’t written here nearly as often as I’d like, know that as 2011 comes to a close, all is well, and there’s more to come. I wish you and your families a holiday season filled with health and happiness, prosperity and peace. May we all share a drink in 2012.

Until then, (with Pappy van Winkle 20yr in hand) cheers to you.


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