Kansas City Cocktails: The Rieger Hotel and the Resurrection of Manifesto

Posted in Community, Editor's Notes on October 14th, 2010 by Josh

As a cocktail enthusiast, I feel very lucky to live in a city like New York. New York and San Francisco (along with a few other cities like Portland and Seattle) have certainly led the modern cocktail revolution, and having regular access to bars like Milk & Honey, Death & Co., Clover Club and so on can easily lead one to take high-quality cocktails for granted, and perhaps even (unfairly) doubt the ability of other cities to hit the mark in terms of quality and creativity.

But I do love being proven wrong.

On a recent trip to Kansas City, I had the privilege of meeting Ryan Maybee. When I reached out to Brandon Cummins of the Lush Life team, a native of the Kansas City area, for suggestions on where I should visit while in town, Brandon assured me that Ryan was the guy to see. I found Ryan behind the bar at The American restaurant – a fixture of Kansas City dining, but not really where Ryan belongs. Over a Ward & Precinct cocktail he prepared (bourbon, housemade grenadine, lemon and orange juice, and Angostura bitters), Ryan told me the story of Manifesto. Read More

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Upcoming Class in High Tech Cocktails

Posted in Community, Events on November 10th, 2009 by Josh

I’ve been slow to get behind the whole “molecular mixology” movement. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that a big part of my mission is to help make the creation of quality, classic cocktails accessible to the home bartender. But anyone who knows me also knows that I’m a hardcore geek. I like gadgets, tools and technology. And that’s why I’ll be going to the Holiday Cocktail class at the International Culinary Center, taught by Nils Norén and Dave Arnold, both of the French Culinary Institute. (I’ve mentioned Dave before – he co-presented the Science of Shaking class at Tales of the Cocktail.) Read More

The Pumpkin Pie

Posted in Community, Recipes on October 28th, 2009 by Josh

The Bar at the Astor LoungeThis evening, my friend Laren (@sweetblogomine) and I joined Jonathan Pogash for his Cocktail Lab class at the Astor Center Lounge. I’ve mentioned Jonathan here before (he was the source for our post on the Maple Plum Sparkler), but to refresh your memory, Jonathan is a cocktail development consultant, and the beverage director for Hospitality Holdings (which manages a number of major bars here in New York, including the Campbell Apartment and Bookmarks Lounge).

I’ve taken a number of classes at Astor Center in the past, and they’ve all offered an opportunity to learn a great deal from some of the country’s most talented mixologists. Be sure to check out their full calendar; if you’re in the area, I highly encourage you to give one a try. Jonathan’s class is actually offered monthly, so you can definitely take that one. If you’re just starting out, I’d suggest the Home Bar Basics course. Read More

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Download Happy Houred for the iPhone

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I don’t know how I ever survived without my iPhone. It helps me manage my e-mail, contacts and calendar. But also gives me directions, plays my music (and my NPR podcasts), and keeps me entertained on the subway. It is my one essential piece of technology. Read More

LeNell Leaving NYC – Heading South of the Border

Posted in Community, Editor's Notes on July 22nd, 2009 by Josh

We’re sorry to report that it looks like LeNell – of LeNell’s Wine & Spirits Boutique in Brooklyn – is packing her bags and leaving NYC for good. In an unguarded moment at a tasting of American Whiskey last night at Louis 649, LeNell Smothers admitted to the gathered aficionados that she had given up on finding a new space for her famous store and was taking the show to Mexico. Read More

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A Visit to Tuthilltown Spirits – Where Baby Bourbon is Born

Posted in Community, Editor's Notes, Events on July 6th, 2009 by Josh

Approaching Tuthilltown SpiritsI had the extreme pleasure this past July 4th weekend to journey 90 miles north of New York City to visit Tuthilltown Spirits – the home of one of my all-time favorite whiskeys, Hudson Baby Bourbon.

Physically located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, near New Paltz, NY, Tuthilltown Spirits is the spiritual center of a revival that has been a long-time coming. Humility takes over when distillery partner Ralph Erenzo talks about his craft. He says, “There’s nothing magic here – It’s just whiskey. Really good whiskey.” But one need only set foot on the grounds of Tuthilltown Spirits to know differently, and none other than the New York Times agrees. Read More

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High Tech Cocktails at the French Culinary Institute

Posted in Community on June 22nd, 2009 by Josh

Serious Eats has a great story today about the High Tech Cocktails class being taught at the French Culinary Institute. The class is being taught by Nils Noren and Dave Arnold, professors at the FCI and proprietors of Cooking Issues – their “Tech’N Stuff” blog. The combination of “cocktails” and “high tech” has me all wound up. This is a must read.


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