Mixology Monday – Black Market Manhattan

Posted in Events, Recipes on August 30th, 2010 by Josh

It’s been a while again, I know. But inspiration strikes, so I follow.

Today’s Mixology Monday is brought to you by one of our favorite people, Lindsey Johnson of Lush Life Productions. For this week’s MxMo, Lindsey has chosen the topic of her own blog, Brown, Bitter & Stirred. The criteria for participating posts? Cocktails that are, well, brown, bitter & stirred (the only criteria Lindsey chooses when ordering cocktails pretty much anywhere she goes.)

For my entry, I’ve chosen to share the Black Market Manhattan. It’s a simple cocktail, but with a twist on the classic recipe that creates some welcome complexity of flavor that’s sure to please. Read More

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Tales of the Cocktail – Day 1 and Tasting Spirits with F. Paul Pacult

Posted in Events on July 22nd, 2010 by Josh

Well, the time has come again – Tales of the Cocktail! The annual New Orleans gathering of bartenders, spirit brands, enthusiasts, and even us lowly bloggers, where we taste, shake, talk and live the world of spirits and cocktail culture. It’s a pretty good time!

I arrived yesterday, and was lucky enough to kick off the event with two amazing parties – a welcome reception hosted by Beefeater Gin at the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center, and a classic New Orleans garden fete at the Elma Mansion hosted by William Grant & Sons (the group that brings you Hendricks Gin, Glenfiddich, The Balvenie, Sailor Jerry and more). Once again, a pretty good time! Many thanks to Beefeater and William Grant & Sons for a warm (very, very warm) welcome to New Orleans. Read More

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The Manhattan Cocktail Classic

Posted in Events on May 22nd, 2010 by Josh

MCC Gala EntranceI know, I know. Once again, I’ve fallen way behind on my writing. But there have been some exciting events over the past few weeks, and I want to give you a quick update. I promise to try to get some new drinks up very soon, too.

Let’s start, though, with a quick recap of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. Described as “part festival, part fête, part conference, part cocktail party,” the Manhattan Cocktail Classic included five days of seminars, parties, tastings, and other assorted revelry with some of my favorite people in all of New York City. Read More

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Vieux Carre – The Perfect Way to Celebrate Fat Tuesday

Posted in Events, Recipes on February 19th, 2010 by Josh

Earlier this week, I was fortunate to join many of New York’s cocktail twitterati for a celebration of Mardi Gras at one of my favorite new bars, Rye House. At an event hosted by the Time Out Dining & Libation Society, we were lucky to find proprietor and master mixologist Lynette Marrero behind the bar furiously shaking and stirring the classic cocktails of New Orleans, including the Sazarac, the French 75, and my favorite of the evening – the Vieux Carre. Read More

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An Interview with Dave Arnold & Nils Noren – Cocktail Mad Scientists

Posted in Editor's Notes, Events on December 5th, 2009 by Josh

Liquid Nitrogen to chill cocktails

I had the great pleasure this past week of spending an hour with Dave Arnold and Nils Noren, both professors at the French Culinary Institute here in New York. Nils and Dave have each won acclaim in their own right – Nils as executive chef at New York’s Aquavit, as well as a number of restaurants in Europe, and Dave as an award-winning food writer and director of culinary technology at FCI. But together, they are arguably the world’s leading cocktail mad scientists. Read More

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PS – I Passed BarSmarts

Posted in Events on November 15th, 2009 by Josh

Just a quick postscript to my post about BarSmarts last week: the official word came this weekend that I passed. I’ve got to admit, I was a little nervous, particularly about the blind tasting component of the written exam (I’m good at tasting; just not necessarily good at identifying *what* I’m tasting.) In any case, I’m quite pleased that I passed, though I fully intent to keep practicing for the practical anyway :-)


Upcoming Class in High Tech Cocktails

Posted in Community, Events on November 10th, 2009 by Josh

I’ve been slow to get behind the whole “molecular mixology” movement. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that a big part of my mission is to help make the creation of quality, classic cocktails accessible to the home bartender. But anyone who knows me also knows that I’m a hardcore geek. I like gadgets, tools and technology. And that’s why I’ll be going to the Holiday Cocktail class at the International Culinary Center, taught by Nils Norén and Dave Arnold, both of the French Culinary Institute. (I’ve mentioned Dave before – he co-presented the Science of Shaking class at Tales of the Cocktail.) Read More