MCC 2011 – British Invasion at Eleven Madison Park

Posted in Events on May 27th, 2011 by Josh

Simon Ford of Pernod Ricard and Will Guidara of Eleven Madison Park with the British Invasion Crew

I know – finally. This post is long overdue, but you know what they say: save the best for last.

On the Sunday of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, the British Invasion event was held at Eleven Madison Park. The event was sponsored by the gin portfolio of Pernod Ricard (Beefeater, Beefeater 24 and Plymouth), and featured classic gin cocktails including the Pimm’s Cup, the Tom Collins, the South Side, and the Negroni. To accompany these delicious gin cocktails? Fish and Chips a la Eleven Madison Park (which is to say, the best fish and chips you’ve ever had). All this, served al fresco on the patio of the restaurant opposite Madison Square Park, with The Crooners (regulars at Eleven Madison Park) playing through the Beatles catalog. What could possibly be bad? Read More

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Interlude: The Emotional Impact of a Manhattan

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Black Market Manhattan

Editor’s Note: I meant for my next post to be a wrap-up of my time at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic with a recap of the British Invasion event at Eleven Madison Park. I promise – that’ll come next. First, I wanted to share this long-overdue story, as it was relayed to me by my good friend Michael this past holiday season. Michael and I worked together years ago, and have stayed in touch via Facebook, talking mostly about food, drink and guitars (mutual interests, all). I found Mike’s story to be a very touching tribute, and a commentary on the emotional energy that can be unleashed by taking a drink in your hand and raising it to one we love, so I wanted to share it with all of you.

As told to me via e-mail by Michael Feuda, December 24, 2010:

Growing up, I have vivid memories of my Dad and Uncle Al (twin brothers) mixing up Manhattans every Thanksgiving and Christmas. My sister and I were always curiously drawn to watching them, mainly because of the little jar of maraschino cherries. I remember my Uncle poking one with the little plastic buccaneer’s sword, and handing it to me, only to roll in laughter as my sister or I tried it; watching our faces as the bourbon-soaked cherry burned going down our throats. I also remember thinking to myself, “How could anyone ever drink that? It tastes horrible.” Read More

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MCC 2011 – Behind The Bar: Painkiller

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In some fit of insanity while planning my agenda for the 2011 Manhattan Cocktail Classic, I chose to schedule a Behind the Bar session at Painkiller early in the afternoon on the day following The Gala. As excited as I was to learn more about the bar that is leading the Tiki Revolution, I was dreading another drink so soon after the prior evening’s revelry; especially from a bartender as renowned for knocking his patrons on their asses as proprietor Giuseppe González. Fortunately, he was relatively kind!

Painkiller is located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, and in its short life to-date (they just celebrated their one year anniversary earlier this month), it already has a reputation. Ask anyone who has been there about their Painkiller experience and more likely than not, they remember simply that they enjoyed it; not much else! But Painkiller has also established their reputation as a world-class cocktail bar, particularly in the tiki style. Not a surprise, given the pedigree of owning partners Giuseppe González (Flatiron Lounge, Clover Club) and Richard Boccato (Little Branch, Dutch Kills). Read More

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MCC 2011 – The Gala

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MCC Gala @ New York Public LibraryOver the next few days, I’m going to walk through the events I attended this past weekend as part of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. We’ll start at the beginning, of course, with the Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala.

For the second year in a row, the Manhattan Cocktail Classic kicked off in style with a lavish party at the main branch of the New York Public Library. The halls and hallways of this classic New York location were filled with liquor industry elite and fans alike, sharing in the delight of hundreds of different cocktails representing nearly every major spirit brand on the market. I will admit, though, having attended the gala two years in a row now, I have some mixed feelings about whether I’ll go back next year. Read More

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Let the MCC Madness Begin!

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Today kicks off the 2011 Manhattan Cocktail Classic! The long weekend begins with The Gala tonight at the New York Public Library. Hopefully you’ve got your tickets, because it’s sold out! It’s sure to be a night filled with crazy fashion, food, music, debauchery, and of course, amazing cocktails from pretty much every brand in the industry.

Here’s the list of the events I’ll be attending. Of course, I’ll also be trolling around the main bar at Astor Center, and probably popping my head in on a few other sessions. Tickets are still available for a number of sessions and events throughout the weekend. Let me know where you’ll be! I’ll be providing updates via Twitter (@cocktailspirit). I hope to see you there.


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The Penicillin

Posted in Recipes on April 23rd, 2011 by Josh

Photo: Heather Sperling | June 2008

Good scotch cocktails are hard to come by. We have a few classics, like the Blood and Sand, but for the most part, whisky cocktails lean much more heavily on bourbon or rye. Scotch just has such a unique and present flavor of it’s own that it tends to compete too harshly with other ingredients. And besides, it’s just so delicious when served neat.

But a good friend e-mailed me this morning asking that I send her the recipe for one of her favorite cocktails, The Penicillin, and in doing so she brought this great scotch cocktail back to my mind. The Penicillin was created by infamous Milk & Honey bartender Sam Ross, and it’s sure to cure what ails ya. Read More

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Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala Sold Out!

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My good friend NY Barfly put it best: “Lushes – we are so proud of you.”

Tickets to Manhattan Cocktail Classic events are selling like hotcakes, as evidenced by the number of “Sold Out” tags on their tickets page. Even the huge Opening Night Gala event at the New York Public Library is sold out. Not to worry, though. There’s still lots of drinking to be done.

Among many other events, tickets are still available for the DonQ Rum 80′s Bash, Behind the Bar at Weather Up TriBeCa, The Sunset Cocktail Cruise, and one session in particular that I can’t recommend enthusiastically enough: Spirits in a Blind, or How Spirits Professionals Describe Spirits with Something other than “I like it.” This session is taught by Doug Frost and Steve Olson of the BAR (Beverage Alcohol Resource program). They will teach you more than you ever thought you could know about tasting booze. Do it.

Here’s my schedule so far. I plan on adding to it :-)


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