The Way to Go

Posted in Editor's Notes on July 12th, 2011 by Josh

Last night, I joined hundreds of Ray Deter’s friends and fans, along with his family, to pay tribute to Ray with a New Orleans-style Second Line march. (Deter died on July 3rd after a bicycle accident.) Musicians from New York and New Orleans led the gathered crowd from d.b.a., on First Avenue and Second St, around the block past Marble Cemetery where Ray will be laid to rest, then through the East Village to 6th St. between Avenue B & Avenue C, where Ray lived.

I took a moment to capture just a short piece of video, to give you a sense of the atmosphere of the occasion:

It was easily the most touching send off I have ever experienced. It surpassed the cliche, and truly was a celebration of Ray’s life. I wish this tradition existed more often outside of New Orleans. In my mind, it’s the way to go.

Many gathered back at d.b.a. after the march to toast Ray’s memory. Good beer was free flowing, as I’m sure Ray would have liked it. EV Grieve has more photos of the gathering.


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A Toast to Ray

Posted in Editor's Notes on July 6th, 2011 by Josh

I’d like to take a moment to remember Ray Deter, owner of the famed beer and whisky bar d.b.a. here in New York and in New Orleans. Ray passed away this past Sunday, July 3rd, as a result of injuries he sustained in a bicycle accident last week.

I wasn’t around when d.b.a. burst onto the scene in New York in the 90′s, but by all accounts, Ray – and his partner Dennis – in many ways transformed drinking in New York. They were pioneers in helping to introduce the craft of beer (and later whisky) to a city that had been languishing in mass-produced malted water for far too long.

I came to really know d.b.a. much later, through my good friend Simon Glenn, who hosts Tchoup Shop – a pop-up New Orleans¬†barbecue¬†in the backyard of d.b.a brooklyn every Sunday during the summer. I went to d.b.a. for the good food and friends, but found a wonderful community of people, and a new appreciation for truly good beer. I’m grateful for both. Read More

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