MCC 2011 – Behind The Bar: Painkiller

Posted in Events on May 18th, 2011 by Josh

In some fit of insanity while planning my agenda for the 2011 Manhattan Cocktail Classic, I chose to schedule a Behind the Bar session at Painkiller early in the afternoon on the day following The Gala. As excited as I was to learn more about the bar that is leading the Tiki Revolution, I was dreading another drink so soon after the prior evening’s revelry; especially from a bartender as renowned for knocking his patrons on their asses as proprietor Giuseppe González. Fortunately, he was relatively kind!

Painkiller is located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, and in its short life to-date (they just celebrated their one year anniversary earlier this month), it already has a reputation. Ask anyone who has been there about their Painkiller experience and more likely than not, they remember simply that they enjoyed it; not much else! But Painkiller has also established their reputation as a world-class cocktail bar, particularly in the tiki style. Not a surprise, given the pedigree of owning partners Giuseppe González (Flatiron Lounge, Clover Club) and Richard Boccato (Little Branch, Dutch Kills). Read More

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MCC 2011 – The Gala

Posted in Events on May 16th, 2011 by Josh

MCC Gala @ New York Public LibraryOver the next few days, I’m going to walk through the events I attended this past weekend as part of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. We’ll start at the beginning, of course, with the Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala.

For the second year in a row, the Manhattan Cocktail Classic kicked off in style with a lavish party at the main branch of the New York Public Library. The halls and hallways of this classic New York location were filled with liquor industry elite and fans alike, sharing in the delight of hundreds of different cocktails representing nearly every major spirit brand on the market. I will admit, though, having attended the gala two years in a row now, I have some mixed feelings about whether I’ll go back next year. Read More

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The Holiday Spirits Bazaar

Posted in Events on November 29th, 2010 by Josh

The holidays can be so stressful. Family obligations, end-of-year tasks, and of course, shopping. But the shopping needn’t be all about the lines and crowds and useless junk. It can be about booze, too.

If you’re in the NYC area, be sure to check out the first annual Holiday Spirits Bazaar, brought to you by one of our favorite cocktail divas, The Dizzy Fizz. The Bazaar will highlight some of the best (and tastiest!) brands and products in the spirits world, giving you an opportunity to sample the good stuff, and also pick up the best gift you can give to a friend or loved-one: booze. Read More

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TOTC09: The Beauty of Tasting Rooms

Posted in Events, Reviews on July 14th, 2009 by Josh

tales While the sessions at Tales of the Cocktail are wonderfully interesting and informative, another big draw at TOTC are the tasting rooms. At any given time over the course of the day, there are usually 3-4 rooms running simultaneously, and there are usually at least 3 sessions per day per room. So when you do the math, there ended up being about 40 different tasting rooms over the course of the event. Of course, not every tasting room is dedicated to one individual brand, either. There was a cognac tasting room, a scotch tasting room, and so on.

So here are some of the new (or particularly noteworthy) things I tried at Tales: Read More

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TOTC09: The Science of Shaking

Posted in Events on July 13th, 2009 by Josh

tales I’m still sifting through all of my material from Tales of the Cocktail – so many sessions, so many tastings, so many parties… So maybe it’s not so much that I’m sifting, as recovering.

I didn’t want to wait any longer though before I started to share some of the best information to come out of the show.

One of my favorite sessions of the week was “The Science of Shaking,” presented by Eben Klemm (beverage director of the B.R. Guest restaurant group), Alex Day (bartender at the famed Death & Co.), and Dave Arnold (director of the culinary technology department at the French Culinary Institute and author of the Cooking Issues blog). This session was the perfect blend of the two biggest areas of my life: mixology & tech geekery. Read More

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Tales of the Cocktail – First Impressions

Posted in Editor's Notes, Events on July 9th, 2009 by Josh

Tales of the Cocktail The fact is, there’s so much going on here at Tales of the Cocktail that I barely have time to blog (at least not in a way that will do the event justice.) So here’s the deal: I’ve decided to provide regular updates via Twitter (which will constrain my thoughts to 140 characters each), and I’m going to share initial impressions here with you now. Then when I get back to New York, I’m going to write up a detailed post that covers all of the nitty-gritty, and highlights the best of what I’ve seen. Read More

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Want to Breathe your Cocktail? Try a walk-in Gin & Tonic.

Posted in Community, Events on June 5th, 2009 by Josh

Just when you thought you’d seen it all…

Bompas & Parr – designer of fine jellies and curator of culinary events in the UK – has created a project called AlcoholicArchitecture_11[1]Alcoholic Architecture. In essence, they whipped up a walk-in cloud of breathable cocktail (gin & tonic to be precise, with Hendricks Gin no less!) Visitors “imbibed through inhaling.”

I’m honestly at a bit of a loss for words. I just don’t know what to make of this! Certainly, my preference is to experience my cocktails in liquid form, but then again, I’ve never had them any other way, so who am I to say? Any chance any of my readers in the UK have tried this? I would *love* to hear about your experience. Drop us a line and let us know what you thought. For those of you who haven’t tried this – would you??

Thanks to my friend Jenny for bringing this to my attention!

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