Apple Julep Redux

Posted in Editor's Notes, Recipes on May 3rd, 2009 by Josh

Last week, in a fit of oppositional defiance against the Mint Julep, I introduced you to the Apple Julep. I should first explain that my opposition to the mint julep was based only upon the over-abundance of coverage of the drink in advance of the Kentucky Derby. I’m a huge fan of the cocktail myself, and highly encourage you to give it a try. Have a look at Lush Life’s coverage of this classic with Dale DeGroff, and perhaps we’ll cover the drink ourselves during non-derby season (again, just to be defiant).

CalvadosIn any case, after posting about our alternative, one of our friends via Twitter – Pia Mara Finkel (whom you can and should follow at @piamara) – suggested a possible alteration. Her suggestion was to try the cocktail with Calvados – a French apple brandy – as opposed to the Applejack we used. This was, of course, a wonderful suggestion.

The history of Calvados is rich indeed. We won’t bore you with the details here, but you can read more on Wikipedia, or in the book Calvados: The World’s Premier Apple Brandy by Henrik Mattsson. Read More

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Mint Juleps in a Bottle from Makers Mark

Posted in Reviews on May 2nd, 2009 by Josh

Makers Mark Mint JulepI had the opportunity yesterday to sample Maker’s Mark (premade) Mint Julep at Astor Wines & Spirits (@astorwines). I must admit, I didn’t expect much. If nothing else, the making of a Mint Julep is a time-honored tradition, and the idea of purchasing a Mint Julep in a bottle wasn’t particularly appealing to me. I must admit though, after tasting it, I was pleasantly surprised!

It was definitely on the sweeter side as mint juleps go, but if you’re having a Derby party this year and the idea of hand-crafting mint juleps by the dozen just doesn’t appeal, I think this would be a fine substitution (and if you make a good show of it, most people will never know!) Read More

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Apple Julep

Posted in Recipes on April 28th, 2009 by Josh

Ingredients for Apple JulepSo the Kentucky Derby is coming up this weekend, which means that everybody and their brother will be making Mint Juleps. There’s a long and storied history behind the Mint Julep – it’s preparation, and it’s relationship to the Kentucky Derby – on Wikipedia, so I won’t bore you with it here. I’m not going to make a Mint Julep either; it’s too cliché. Instead, we’re going to make an Apple Julep.

Many of my readers from the South will cry sacrilege here, but I find the Apple Julep to be a refreshing and creative adaptation. Don’t yell at me until you’ve tried it! Read More

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