The Rattlesnake – a San Francisco Favorite

Posted in Recipes on November 8th, 2010 by Josh

My time in San Francisco-proper was relatively limited this time around, as the primary purpose of my trip is a conference out in the Silicon Valley area. That being said, I packed in a solid weekend in the city, filled mostly with eating and drinking (naturally). I had an amazing meal at Incanto, which is a must if you’re a meat lover (pork in particular). I had outstanding mexican food, well, pretty much everywhere. I had terrific coffee from Blue Bottle at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market (which was a great experience in and of itself). And I discovered my favorite cocktail of the trip when I stopped for a snack at Beretta (where the food was also outstanding). Read More

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Heading to San Francisco

Posted in Editor's Notes on November 5th, 2010 by Josh

In yet another attempt at increasing the frequency with which I post, I’m trying to lower the gate a bit for posting, not requiring myself to have an entire recipe or review, but allowing myself to just post thoughts or random missives (which I generally restrict to Twitter). I’m hoping it keeps things here a bit more consistent, and makes it easier for me to write a bit more frequently. Read More

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